8-Week Class: Understanding Your Creative Process

Daniel-Tidwell-300x200Drawing from a background studying literature, anthropology, art, psychology, and spirituality, my work is to journey with you in order to help you listen to your own creative process, your relational style, and your body; in order to better understand what helps you thrive as an artist.

“Tell me about the shape of your creative practice, and I will tell about the shape of your art.”

This is a bold, audacious claim. It is born out of my own experience as an artist and writer. It’s a belief that has been slowly formed through my work with students as a tutor, a teacher, and a fellow practitioner of writing arts.


I am thoroughly convinced that the world is in need of storytellers and artists; poets and prophets, who give birth to beauty and art that unsettles, disrupts, and helps us see anew. And I am just as committed to the belief that our capacity to create compelling art is intimately connected to our ability to stay engaged in our own personal process.


In this class, you will partner with other writers and artists, in a challenging and safe environment, to reflect on, assess, and strengthen your own creative process. You will identify your own strengths and blockages, and will be led through practices to keep you growing as an artist, and to get you un-stuck by working with resistance when it shows up in your work.


Through nonjudgmental attention to what your practice looks like now, we can work together to build on your strengths and to support your cultivation of a thriving artistic process. By attending to who you are becoming through your practice as an artist, you’ll witness your work itself unfold and flourish from a place of courage and authenticity.


This is an invitation to risk–risk to see how a process more aligned to nourishing the shape of your authentic self will change the shape of your work.

Daniel Tidwell is a writer, visual artist, teacher, and theologian, living in Seattle, WA. For the past decade he has worked as a writing tutor, peer instructor, and teacher (among other things). Daniel holds a B.A. in English and Theology, a Master of Divinity, and is currently a student in the Doctor of Ministry program at Seattle University where he is concentrating in spiritual direction. His research focuses on practices of self-care and resilience for artists and writers seeking to create social change. 

Registration Information:

  • 8-week, 2-hour “Understanding Your Creative Process” class meets weekly. Next session will meet Sept and OctClass is located in Seattle, WA.
  • This class is recommended for beginners and practicing artists of all levels. Classes will involve writing exercises, body awareness/movement exercises, and written reflections, but is appropriate for writers and artists of any creative discipline.
  • Cost $30/weekly or $220/course. Up to 3 need-based scholarship seats are available each session.
  • Seats are limited to the first 15 students registered.
  • For any questions and to register, email danielctidwell@gmail.com.
  • This course is taught in English. courses are open to persons age 16 and older of any faith, gender, ability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or citizenship status. All learners and instructors are expected to engage with respect for all persons. Written and physical activities will be adapted for the skill level and abilities of those in the class. I am not currently able to offer translation services or guarantee a scent-free environment for those who require those accommodations.

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