Things I am proud of

It’s June. In USAmerica, that means it’s LGBTIQ Pride month. Here’s a list of some of the things for which I am proud.

Loving people.
Getting good at real apologies.
Learning to play new instruments in my 30s.
Forgiving myself for holding onto survival strategies too long.
Staying curious.
Letting myself feel my feelings and learning to recognize and talk about a growing range of emotions.
Actively combating shame by opening up to let others see me.
Loving myself.
Stepping in to stop violence.
Making it through adolescence without giving in to the lie that I shouldn’t exist.
Walking lightly on the earth.
Daily practicing the work of staying aware of my privilege and working for justice.
Learning how to breathe.
Creating healthy boundaries with people and institutions.
Opening myself up to receive the goodness of my family of choice.
Risking to let myself feel my desire for goodness in the face of shame and despair.
Eating ethically.
Drinking responsibly.
Learning to sail.
Practicing alternative economics.
Slowing down.
Telling the truth.
Saying yes and saying no.
Reading carefully.
Listening to peoples’ stories.
Letting go of unrealistic “life plans.”
Leaving fundamentalism rather than simply switching fundamentalisms.
Embracing fallability.
Wearing what I want to.
Not taking on every fight worth fighting; letting myself be human-sized.
Being Queer as f#ck.
Hugging my grandparents who wouldn’t talk to me.
Wanting to be a dad.
Answering clumsy questions with honest generosity.
Wearing red.
Asking for my fair share.
Taking up space without manspreading.
Laughing and crying—sometimes in response to the same situation.




3 thoughts on “Things I am proud of

  1. Thank you Daniel. I always love your writing…you inspire me. That liist suits me as well. I am a 70 year old Mom of a wonderful son who is gay.

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